Monday, March 3, 2014

A Day In the Life of Your Metadata Librarian

I've noticed that sometimes my work comes in different types of waves. When I first started my position my major project was adding the great collections from the Arizona Memory Project. Since then I've been adding new collections here and there as they come in, as well as working on a reharvesting project with our collections from Brigham Young University's Harold B. Lee Library.

I've recently been doing a great deal of metadata auditing, which means shortly after that's done we will be adding even more new collections to MWDL! Today we have new collections from Utah Valley University, and we'll soon be adding new collections from Brigham Young University, Montana Memory Project, University of Idaho, Northern Arizona University, Weber State University, Arizona Memory Project, and more!

When we add new collections to Primo, we also need to update our master tracking spreadsheet, update the php includes that make run so smoothly, and create new web pages for partners and collections. 

I'm about to take a class on XSLT and XQuery, which I'm hoping will help me become an even more efficient and useful metadata librarian! I'm hoping to come up with some procedures that will help me audit metadata against the MWDL application profile in a more comprehensive manner. Stay tuned for my adventures with XSLT and XQuery!

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